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True South Solar installed solar panels on a home in Central Point with Table Rock in the distance

True South Solar’s Power Bill Replacement (PBR) Program

Did you know that True South Solar offers an affordable $0 down financing program? It’s true! Working with our financing partners, we can free our clients from their power company. We call it our Power Bill Replacement (PBR) Program. There is very little difference to your bank account month-to-month. But there is a HUGE difference

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Tesla Powerwall is a great storage solution for your home or business.

Solar + Storage: Peace of Mind

Sometimes the Power Goes Out You can have peace of mind with True South Solar’s ultimate solar+storage solution: Tesla Powerwall. Did you know that when the power goes out, traditional grid-tied solar systems cannot power your home? The power goes out sometimes. It’s just a fact of life. Sometimes it’s because of a natural disaster

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Q Cells Solar Panels at True South Solar

Q-Cell Panels Are offered at True South Solar

QCell solar panels provide an excellent choice for your home solar array. The panels, manufactured in Dalton, Georgia, are designed to very high standards. They come with a 25-year energy production warranty and are engineered to last up to 40 years. The all-black faced panels offer a cleaner look than older panels and the efficiency

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New Mountain Bike trail in Ashland

Bull Gap Jump Line mountain bike trail has been 5 years in the making. It is a fully approved project with an estimated need of $150,000 for completion. The trail will be beginner-friendly with a bike-only downhill trail with a progressive jump line and a parallel multi-use trail for uphill riding, hiking, and running. The

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Solar 101 with Steve

Solar 101- How does Solar Work???

Enjoy this video of team member Steve Cossin talking about how grid-tied solar (on houses that are “tied” to an electric company, and receive an electric bill) works. If you live in the City of Ashland or have Pacific Power, and are curious about solar then this video is for you! Solar power is produced

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Oregon Shakespeare Festival Solar Panels by True South Solar

Non-Profits Qualify for direct pay tax credit

The Inflation Reduction Act, passed in 2022, enables Rogue Valley non-profit organizations to qualify for a direct payment tax credit (the ITC) to go solar–as opposed to taking it as a tax liability. In the past, most organizations would have to partner with a bank or developer to take advantage of the tax credit (nonprofit

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Solar Power in Southern Oregon

The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act: Solar Incentives

Thank you to everyone who contacted their senators helping this historic bill to pass! Here are the highlights of the Inflation Reduction Act pertaining to the energy field: 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC) on residential and commercial solar from 2022 until 2032, stepping down to 26% in 2033. Stand-alone energy storage systems like Tesla Power

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Michael Stringer

Meet Our Team: Michael Stringer

Michael Stringer joined our team as Sales and Marketing Manager in August 2022. Michael works with our Solar Advisors to help more homeowners achieve their dream of going solar. He also guides our marketing efforts so that folks in our area can learn about the great advantages of generating their own power. Why Solar? I

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Solar Panels can be recycled

Recycling and Reusing Solar Panels and Batteries

What happens to solar equipment when the system is no longer in use or at the end of its life? Unfortunately, many panels have ended up in landfills. In 2015, California passed a law that does not allow PV panels to be dumped into landfills. Because of that, panels were being shipped to other states

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Jesse Rudich - a True South Solar Solar Advisor

Meet Our Team: Jesse Rudich

I am a residential Solar advisor. I advise potential residential and commercial customers on best practices for converting to a solar-powered home. When did you first start thinking about solar? I first started thinking about solar in 2011 when planning an off-grid project What’s your favorite thing to do in the sun? One of my

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Aaron Westbrooks, True South Solar Project Manager. We are your local solar experts.

Meet Our Team: Aaron Westbrooks

My name is Aaron and I am the Project Manager. It’s my job to coordinate crews, materials, schedules, and direct the completion of solar installations. Why do you love working in the solar industry? I love working in the solar field because we get to create these awesome systems that capture this renewable clean power

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Shawn Schreiner, True South Solar Technical Sales Advisor. We are your local solar experts.

Meet The Team- Shawn Schreiner

Q: What is your role on the True South Solar team? I am the Technical Sales Manager for True South Solar. When I started True South Solar with Eric Hansen 12 years ago, I was an installer and I’m still a licensed solar electrician. These days managing sales and design takes up most of my

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