New Mountain Bike trail in Ashland

Bull Gap Jump Line mountain bike trail has been 5 years in the making. It is a fully approved project with an estimated need of $150,000 for completion. The trail will be beginner-friendly with a bike-only downhill trail with a progressive jump line and a parallel multi-use trail for uphill riding, hiking, and running. The start of the trail is located on the fire road just behind the Mt. Ashland Lodge and travels towards Ashland.

Some of you may know that Eric Hansen, CEO of True South Solar and his family are avid mountain bikers he is part of a mountain bike team (Team Handlebar) here in Ashland. Seeing the land developed in a smart way is important for the growth and well being of Ashland and its residence, and this is something that Eric feels passionately about. True South Solar has donated $1,000.00 towards this project and we welcome other businesses to donate towards improving Ashland by clicking here.