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Hannah, a member of the True South Solar team

Meet TSS Team Member Hannah

Hannah is one of our new Material Handlers on the crew. Welcome! What brought you to TSS and the world of solar? I wanted a job that would allow me to be active, outside and could that I could feel good about at the end of the day for environmental purposes. This is my first

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Braden, a materials handler for True South Solar

Meet TSS Team Member Braden

Braden recently joined us as a Materials Handler on the True South Solar crew. What brought you to TSS and the world of solar? I plan on getting into electrical work in the future and TSS is a great way to get my foot in the door. I love working for a company who uses

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Explore battery backup for your home with Tesla Powerwall.

Solar Stories- Why Battery Backup?

Let’s talk about about Battery Backup! Battery backup is important to help you get through power outages when the grid goes down. If you couple a solar electric system with a battery, you can withstand days without power. A battery backup system can accomplish a lot of goals. It can backup your your well, so

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Southern Oregon has an energy shortage. That means power must be delivered from long distances away.

Southern Oregon’s Energy Shortage

We have an energy shortage in Southern Oregon. That means that we have to import power from long distances away. Power companies offer this service to us, and they choose how your power is made. But you can opt out of that relationship. You can start saving money and produce your own power today. In

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Will solar work when the power goes out? This is what we cover in this installment of True South Solar's Solar Stories.

Solar Stories- Will Solar Work in a Blackout?

Will a solar electric system work during a power outage? Your solar electric system needs to either connect to the utility or a battery.So when the utility goes down so does your solar electric system.But if you’re looking for uninterrupted power, just add a battery and you’ll have resiliency.Such as Tesla Powerwall. Tesla Powerwall is

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Is solar really free? Get honest answers from your friends at True South Solar.

Is Solar Really Free???? The Truth Behind Solar Ads

Is there such thing as a free solar system paid for by the government? The short answer is NO! By now, you’ve likely seen ads that claim you can go solar for free with help from the government. The ads are typically a scam to collect personal information or to get you to initially make

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Learn about Tesla Powerwall with True South Solar. True South Solar is a certified Tesla Powerwall installer.

Solar Stories- Tesla Battery Offerings

Hi there! I’m Eric Hansen, owner of True South Solar and these are our Solar Stories. Today we’re talking to you about Tesla Powerwall: amazing technologies that give your home or business battery backup when you need it. What’s the difference between the different products? Well, we have a Tesla Powerwall 2 that typically is

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True South Solar was founded in 2010 in Ashland, Oregon. We have installed solar panels on thousands of homes and businesses.

Ashland’s Commitment To Sustainability

The City of Ashland’s commitment to sustainability includes a climate vision for 2050 is to be a resilient community that has zero net greenhouse gas emissions, embraces equity, protects healthy ecosystems, and creates opportunities for future generations. In this article, we will discuss: Where Does the City of Ashland’s Electricity Come From? The City of

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True South Solar's Summer Solstice Shindig

Summer Solstice Shindig

Join us at True South Solar’s offices on Clear Creek Drive in Ashland on Wednesday, June 21 from 3 to 7 pm for our Summer Solstice Shindig! We’ll have music by 33 String Drive and the Annoyful Joys. We’ll have three food trucks serving FREE Hawaiian food, Argentinian empanadas, and Shave Ice. This is a

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Learn about financing solar with True South Solar

Solar Stories- Finance Options

Hi, I’m Eric Hansen owner of True South Solar and these are our Solar Stories. Today we’re going to talk about financing your solar electric system. You may have cash on hand to invest in solar and that’s great, but you may be looking to finance. Solar electric systems are a big investment and maybe

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Shaun Franks - a member of the True South Solar team

Meet True South Solar Team Member Shaun Franks

True South Solar is excited to have Shaun Franks on the TSS Team again! Shaun is our new Community Development and Sales Advisor. Welcome Shaun! When did you first start thinking about solar? In 2011, while at Southern Oregon University during a study abroad opportunity in Germany. The program was on renewable energy (solar, wind,

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Learn about inverters vs. microinverters from True South Solar

Solar Stories- Inverters vs. Microinverters

Hi there, I’m Eric Hansen owner of True South Solar. And these are “Solar Stories”. Our opportunity to get together and talk about solar plus storage to help you power your home or business sustainably. And this is a tech talk. Today we’re going to talk about inverters. What are they? Why do we care?

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