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Rianna Koppel - a member of the True South Solar team

Meet The Team- Rianna Kopel

Meet Rianna Kopel, a member of the True South Solar team. She is a solar administrator. When did you first start thinking about solar? I have been inspired by sustainability at Maharishi International University in my hometown. This community has been invested in solar and permaculture for decades. In 2018, MIU installed a 1.1 MW

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Meet True South Solar team member Sayler Houppermans

Meet The Team- Sayler Houppermans

Sayler joined the True South Solar Team in early January as a solar installer. When did you first start thinking about solar? I’ve always been interested in renewable energy, solar seems like an easy efficient way to ensure this place we live stays beautiful and green for generations to come. What’s your favorite thing to

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A home with Qcells panels installed by True South Solar

Another Qcell Panel Plant to be Built in the U.S.

The country’s largest crystaline silicon solar panel assembler Qcells is building another plant in 2023 in the U.S. Since 2019, Hanwha, the Korean-owned solar company currently has operated a plant in Georgia which assembles solar panels. Next year, they will be making solar panels and their components right here in the USA. Qcells, which has

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True South Solar Completed Work Map 2022

A Map of Our Completed Jobs

Since 2010, True South Solar has completed more than 1,100 solar panel installations – exclusively in Southern Oregon. As you can see on this interactive map, many of these installations were made in your neighborhood or town. Why do we only work in Southern Oregon? We choose to work only in Southern Oregon because this

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Another clean, green renewable solar energy system installed by True South Solar.

What is Most Important When Selecting a Home Solar Installer?

When selecting a home solar installer, there are several important factors to consider: Overall, it is important to do your research and carefully consider these factors when selecting a home solar installer to ensure a successful and cost-effective installation. Are you ready to learn about going solar the right way? Please give us a call

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Net Metering and Solar in Southern Oregon

You may have heard or seen the term “net metering” when learning about solar. But, what exactly is “net metering” and how does it work? Do we have net metering in Southern Oregon? Does it work when putting solar panels on your house? Here in Southern Oregon, your house must be tied to the local

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The True South Solar team installs solar panels.

FAQ: How long does it take to install solar panels?

A common question we get is how much time it takes for installation and what is the process? In general, from the time a contract is signed until the system is installed can be anywhere from six to twelve weeks. The installation itself typically takes 1-2 days for a residence. The processing time depends on

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True South Solar supports the Southern Oregon Community

Our Southern Oregon Community

True South Solar has been a community supporter from Day One. Since Eric and Shawn started the business in 2010, True South has contributed many thousands of dollars to local community groups. Over the past 5 years, we’ve committed more than $50,000 in donations supporting local nonprofits. We also encourage team members to volunteer. We

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Advance your career by joining the True South Solar team today!

We’re Hiring a Journeyman Electrician

True South Solar is the leading designer and installer of residential and commercial solar power systems in Southern Oregon. Our mission statement is “Solar on every rooftop and best jobs ever!”. We are proud to offer competitive wage and benefit packages and a fun and supportive work environment. We are located in Ashland, Oregon- surrounded

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True South Solar Bolt electric vehicle

Electric Vehicles: Watt’s the Deal?

How to Make the Best Use of an E-Vehicle One day soon, we’ll just be calling them “cars” and “trucks,” but today, electric vehicles are new and different. Are you interested in buying an electric vehicle but unsure about the advantages? Already own one but want to learn more about long-distance travel? Read on. If

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Ashland Oregon

Do Trees Limit Your Ability to Go Solar?

Can you add solar to your home or business even if you are surrounded by trees? The answer depends on a variety of factors, including the current height and expected growth of the trees, proximity to the site, and more. You need to know how much a tree’s shade is going to influence the output

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True South Solar's team of experts

What Makes True South Solar Different?

We are True South Solar. We are here to bring clean, renewable solar to everyone—simply and affordably. Our local team of solar professionals takes great pride in providing ridiculously great service, industry-leading expertise, and a long-term commitment to our clients. Ridiculously Great Customer Service Going solar is a big commitment. We’re here to support you

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