Introducing Tesla Powerwall 3

More Power. More Backup. More Savings.

A Tesla Powerwall at a home.

Meet Powerwall

There has never been a better time to reduce your dependence on the energy grid. Powerwall 3 has arrived with improved design for better outage protection at a more affordable price. Now, one single unit can back up your entire home when an outage occurs. Plus, you can store more energy for increased bill savings.

Powerwall is an integrated battery system that stores your solar energy for backup protection, so when the grid goes down your power stays on. Your system detects outages and automatically recharges with sunlight to keep your appliances running for days. 

Take Control of Your Life

With Powerwall, you can store solar energy generated during the day for use any time. During the day, the sun shines on your solar panels, charging your battery. At night, your home draws electricity from your battery, powering your home with clean, sustainable energy 24/7.

In the case of a grid failure, Tesla Powerwall instantly goes to work, powering your home or business until the power is turned back on.

Tesla’s Charge on Solar feature allows EVs to recharge using excess solar that is not needed to power the home. You can also take advantage of  Off-Grid Charging, which allows EVs to recharge using solar, even if the grid is down.

You can monitor the entire process from an app on your smartphone.

Tesla Powerwall app
Tesla Powerwall in a home.

Store Energy On Site

Tesla Powerwall 3 provides whole-home backup with 11.5kW of continuous output. The unit mounts seamlessly on a wall or on the ground, indoors or outdoors, and is connected to the grid to export excess energy (more information is available on the Tesla website).

Invest in Peace of Mind

Installing Tesla Powerwall with True South Solar is easy. We take care of everything from system design, permitting, installation, financing, and free consultations.

Powerwall 3 is a revolutionary new product. It was designed by installers for installers, making it the easiest and least expensive home storage system available today.

We can install Tesla Powerwall on new solar energy systems or existing solar that we installed. True South Solar installs Powerwall 2, Powerwall+, and Powerwall 3 (what’s the difference?). As Tesla Powerwall installers, the solar experts at True South Solar are ready to go to work for you today!

Tesla Powerwall 3
Tesla Powerwall 3 installed in a garage.

Key Benefits of Tesla Powerwall

  • Cost savings through optimized energy usage
  • 24/7 access to solar power, day and night
  • Real-time monitoring of your home’s energy usage
  • Backup protection during power outages
  • Reduced reliance on the grid and a lower carbon footprint
  • Conveniently charge your electric vehicle using Powerwall
  • Flexibility to expand your energy storage capacity by adding up to 10 Powerwalls

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