Commercial Solutions for Southern Oregon

Services Offered by True South Solar

Are you interested in saving money for your business? Great! Our Solar Experts offer a range of services to help you go solar. These services include:

Commercial Solar Installations

Interested in solar for your business? Great! We bring more than a decade of experience helping Southern Oregon businesses go solar. Our in-house team guides clients through the entire process. If you have unused space on a flat roof or unused land, you can make use of that space to generate power on-site for your business.

Free Solar Consultations

Commercial solar panel systems are a great investment. You can front-load your energy costs into your capital investments and take advantage of depreciation, the federal Investment Tax Credit, and other tax incentives. Our solar advisors will work with you to design a system that powers your current and future needs. We can help figure out how to power your business with cheap and renewable solar energy.

Microgrid Solutions

Your business operations do not have to be interrupted when the grid goes down. You can maintain electrical service by storing energy on-site. You can also store solar energy captured during the day for use at night. Commercially available products like those offered by ELM Microgrid Solutions can be a great option. Let our team of experts design the perfect uninterrupted power solution for you.

Feasibility Studies

Oftentimes, businesses, schools, and nonprofits don’t know what’s possible when it comes to renewable energy production on-site. Our team of solar experts can offer you a feasibility study to identify suitable locations for solar panels, assess grid intertie potential, and provide a cost estimate. This relatively affordable option is a great first step if you want to find out what’s possible.

Tax Credit and Incentive Filing

We are happy to work for you to help you get the best price possible for your solar power plant. The Energy Trust of Oregon and the Oregon Department of Energy offer incentives to help your business. There are also federal REAP grants available for certain businesses in our region and we can identify partners to help you easily navigate these processes.

Solar Expansions

Do you need more solar energy production than what you have currently? No problem. While we do not add onto an existing system, we can work with you to add more solar power generating capacity that will work alongside an existing system to power your needs.

Service Agreements

Large-scale commercial solar electric systems should be serviced annually. If you are investing in a large system, you want to ensure it’s performing to the highest possible level. Our Service Team can work with you to set up an annual monitoring plan so your asset continues to produce power for your business reliably.

Monitoring Issues

If you are not able to see monitoring data (possibly because you changed your WiFi router or password), we can help. We offer a free 15-minute phone consultation and if we cannot resolve the issue, we can schedule a service call. Our Service Department can give you a cost estimate for this service.

Solar Panel Removal & Replacement

If you have solar panels and need to replace your roof, we can help. Our team can come on-site, remove the solar panels and store them safely, then return once the roof is replaced and re-install the panels. Please call our Service Department at (800) 947-1187 for a quote.

Warranty Claims

Solar panels damaged in a storm will be covered by a business’s insurance policy. However, if you determine that your solar panels or inverters are not functioning properly and are still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, we can help. Finally, if our workmanship for some reason is not satisfactory, we can help. Please call our Service Department for more information.

True South Solar works Exclusively in Southern Oregon

This includes the communities of Ashland, Central Point, Eagle Point, Grants Pass, Gold Hill, Medford, Merlin, Phoenix, Rogue River, Sams Valley, Shady Cove, Talent, and White City. And, even though we are just north of the border, we do not offer services in the state of California.

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