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True South Solar is your local solar panel installation company. Grants Pass enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine per year. That means that you can install solar panels on your Grants Pass home or business and start seeing the benefits right away. Call True South Solar today for a free custom quote!

True South Solar recognizes that we have an energy shortage in our area. We can do something about this and save money too.

Our local team of solar professionals takes great pride in providing ridiculously great service, industry-leading expertise, and a long-term commitment to our clients.

What is the Best Solar Panel Installation Company in Grants Pass?

True South Solar! We have been the leading installer of solar energy systems in Grants Pass since 2010. With dozens of satisfied Grants Pass clients, you can rest assured that your solar energy system installed by True South Solar will provide you with clean, renewable power for decades to come.

Our team members at True South Solar are the leading designers and installers of residential and commercial solar power systems in Grants Pass, and all over Southern Oregon. From Mt. Ashland Ski Area to the Rogue Valley Airport, our solar panel installations can be found on the rooftops of homes and businesses around the region.

Is There a Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer in Grants Pass?

There sure is! Are you interested in energy storage at your Grants Pass home or business? True South Solar is certified to install Tesla Powerwall for you. We have been installing energy storage solutions for many years and Tesla Powerwall is our preferred storage solution because it is so intelligent and responsive to you and your needs. If you live at the edge of Pacific Power’s territory and you experience power disruptions regularly or you have essential medical devices, Tesla Powerwall is the energy storage solution for you. Call us today for a free quote!

Here’s how we’re unquestionably better than our competitors:

  • We’re 100% locally owned and operated. We were founded in 2010 right here in Southern Oregon and this is our home.
  • We work with you one-on-one to develop a plan to save money, offering ridiculously great service the entire way.
  • Interested in a solar+storage solution? We’re the only Tesla Powerwall certified installers in the Rogue Valley. We only install Powerwall for existing clients–we cannot retrofit an existing system to add storage (unless we installed it).
  • We care deeply about you and our Southern Oregon community. We contribute to local community groups. We provide ridiculously great service. We’re here for you for the decades to come in case problems develop.

Grants Pass Solar Energy Benefits and Savings

Don’t wait for your power company to invest in more American-made clean power. Use the incentives such as those available from the state to make the change yourself and own your power. True South Solar, your Grants Pass Solar company, is one of the only Energy Trust of Oregon Trade Allies and Oregon Department of Energy Tax-Credit Certified Technician shops in Grants Pass. We have access to every local, state, and federal financial incentive to help you pay for your solar electric system. 

Interested in financing a solar electric home for your Grants Pass home or business? You’ve come to the right place. Our Power Bill Replacement program has many options available, including:

  • 12 months, no payments,
  • Opportunity to lower your monthly payment by including an expected 30% federal tax refund as part of your repayment plan, and
  • Payback terms from five years to twenty five years to best suit your monthly cash flow.

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