True South Solar installed solar panels on a home in Central Point with Table Rock in the distance

True South Solar’s Power Bill Replacement (PBR) Program

Did you know that True South Solar offers an affordable $0 down financing program? It’s true! Working with our financing partners, we can free our clients from their power company. We call it our Power Bill Replacement (PBR) Program. There is very little difference to your bank account month-to-month. But there is a HUGE difference between paying a dirty power bill and paying a clean solar bill.

There is a wide variety of options when it comes to paying for solar. With the PBR program, you can hold onto your savings while making the right choice. Should you decide to sell your home in the future, you can pay down the remaining balance on the loan, made possible by the estimated 4%+ increase in your home’s value. In the meantime, you can reap the savings and enjoy the peace of mind, knowing you are making your own clean, renewable power right at your home or business.

The financing process is easy. One of our solar advisors will work with you and one of our outstanding funding partners to figure out the best financing solution for you. Some people would like to put off paying for the entire system over a few years, while others would prefer to have the lowest monthly rate. We can be very flexible and show you various options to ensure we pair you with the right solar solution.

Our team of Solar Experts is excited to work with you. Give us a call or fill out a quick form today. We’ll put together a free, no-obligation solar solution for you to consider. Before long, you’ll be saying, “PBR me ASAP!”