Tesla Powerwall is a great storage solution for your home or business.

Solar + Storage: Peace of Mind

Sometimes the Power Goes Out

You can have peace of mind with True South Solar’s ultimate solar+storage solution: Tesla Powerwall.

Did you know that when the power goes out, traditional grid-tied solar systems cannot power your home? The power goes out sometimes. It’s just a fact of life. Sometimes it’s because of a natural disaster like a big storm. Sometimes utility companies shut off power when it’s warm and very windy to reduce the potential for wildfire. Your solar energy system must be shut off when the grid goes down for safety reasons: to prevent the downed power lines from hurting line workers as they restore power.

A “Public Safety Power Shutoff” is used by utility companies when conditions, such as high wind, are forecast in areas with increased wildfire risk. Power is shut off in those areas to help decrease the possibility that downed power lines could start or worsen a wildfire.


Solar + Storage Has Gone Mainstream

Battery backup for homes and businesses has been around as long as solar panels, but just like solar power, energy storage has now become mainstream. That said, True South Solar is one of the only energy storage installers in Southern Oregon. Why? Because storage solutions are more complex than traditional grid-tied solar installations. Our team takes great pride in crafting the perfect solution for you, and that includes giving you a custom solar + storage solution. This is one of the things that make True South different.

Solar + storage solutions are more expensive than solar-only solutions, but they bring a great deal of peace of mind to our clients because you can depend on your solar to power your life for days or even weeks when the grid shuts down.

True South Solar is a certified Tesla Powerwall installer and it’s the only product we currently recommend to clients seeking a turn-key solution for energy storage. New storage solutions are hitting the market all the time as the concept becomes more popular and we evaluate each one as a potential alternative to Powerwall, but nothing else on the market meets our threshold for reliability or ease of use.

So, is solar + storage a good idea for you? Let’s review some considerations:

Are you concerned about power loss at your home or business?

For some, losing power for a day or two, or even a few hours, is not a big deal. For others, a power loss can be devastating. If you depend on power for in-home medical equipment or business interruptions are costly, you should consider energy storage. The added benefit is that you become part of the solution as we move towards powering the grid continuously day and night with renewable energy.

Are you interested in energy independence?

Going solar is the first step, so if that’s how you ended up here, congratulations! No need to rely on distant adversaries for our power in the future. With 100% American-made power, you’ll be on the right track. But what about the utility companies? It’s nice to think we won’t be as reliant on them as much in the future either. With an on-site storage solution at your home or business, you will always have energy to use, as long as you manage the system well.

Are you concerned about your carbon footprint?

Adding a solar + storage solution can reduce your carbon footprint even more than a solar-only solution. On a typical summer day, your solar panels will start out powering your energy use and recharging your energy storage system. Once it has accomplished that, any excess power generated by your solar panels will be distributed out to the grid and your power company will credit you for the excess power. As the days become shorter and cloudier in winter, your solar system will do its best to power your home and recharge your energy storage system. If that is not possible, the Powerwall will draw energy (that you ‘banked’ over the summer with your utility) from the power grid. All of this works seamlessly in the background with Tesla Powerwall and dramatically reduces the external demand of power for your home or business.

Are your utility rates increasing?

The best way to protect yourself from surging energy costs is to install a solar + storage solution. Take control of your power today with a Tesla Powerwall and solar power solution from True South Solar. Find out why we’re different. Call for a quote today.

And when the power goes down, you’ll be the hero of your neighborhood!

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