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Non-Profits Qualify for direct pay tax credit

The Inflation Reduction Act, passed in 2022, enables Rogue Valley non-profit organizations to qualify for a direct payment tax credit (the ITC) to go solar–as opposed to taking it as a tax liability. In the past, most organizations would have to partner with a bank or developer to take advantage of the tax credit (nonprofit organizations do not have federal tax liability). Now, organizations will be able to receive 30% of the project cost (after other incentives are subtracted) by a direct check to them. The credit will now apply to both solar power plants as well as energy storage solutions, such as batteries. The size of the system must be under 1MW.

Here are the kind of Southern Oregon organizations that can qualify:

-State, Local and Tribal Governments (including organizations like Jackson County and the Medford and Ashland Public School Districts), and

-Tax Exempt Organizations (The organization must have filed with the federal government for tax-exempt status. This includes entities such as colleges, churches and non-profits).

Working with nonprofit organizations to help them get incentives is part of what makes True South different. To see if your organization qualifies, please contact us today to set up a free consultation with our commercial solar advisor at True South Solar at 1-800-947-1187 or fill out an online inquiry here.