Solar Stories – Own Your Power!

Create and make your own power with Solar!

Hi there. I’m Eric Hansen, owner of True South Solar, and these are our Solar Stories.

Today we’re going to talk about owning your own power. For the first time in human history, You can create your own power, generated on your home and not have a power bill.

We’ve been under a monopoly for the last 100 years, and we’ve been at the mercy of the power company. In fact, this year, Pacific Power
is raising their rates 15%. But when you own a solar electric system, you’ve locked in your power rates for the remaining life of the system.

Generating solar on your roof is like growing a tomato in your backyard. There’s nothing more satisfying than reaping the rewards of your system.

And for the first time ever, you can own your own power. You don’t have to rent it from the power company anymore.

We have low monthly payments to help pay for our solar electric system, and it’s never been more affordable in the history of humankind.

And at True South Solar, we’re going to help you navigate all the tax credits and incentives to make solar more affordable to you.