Southern Oregon has an energy shortage. That means power must be delivered from long distances away.

Southern Oregon’s Energy Shortage

We have an energy shortage in Southern Oregon. That means that we have to import power from long distances away. Power companies offer this service to us, and they choose how your power is made. But you can opt out of that relationship. You can start saving money and produce your own power today.

Wildfires have had a devastating impact on Southern Oregon in recent years.

In June 2023, PacifiCorp was fined many millions of dollars for their contribution to starting the 2020 Labor Day fires, including the Obenchain Fire, which destroyed countless homes and forest land in and around Eagle Point. Oregon state officials encouraged the power companies serving this area to shut off power during a very powerful wind event, but PacifiCorp refused to comply.

This just serves as an example of what can happen when you come to depend on a large, publicly-traded company to provide power for your home and business. You have very little control over:

  • How your power is generated (mostly by burning fossil fuels);
  • How power is delivered to your home;
  • When power will be shut off for emergencies; or
  • The price you pay for power.

It All Starts with Solar

When you go solar with True South Solar, you can re-take control of your power. With more than 300 days of sunshine per year in Southern Oregon, we have ample energy available to power our homes and businesses. We just need to capture it and put it to good use.

Installing solar panels is step one. Our team of Solar Experts will determine your annual power use and design a solar energy system to power your life. We can help with financing so that you can pay off the system in a few years. Just like with any other investment, once it’s paid off, you’ll be able to have free use of your system for many years.

Tesla Powerwall: Peace of Mind

True South Solar is a Tesla Powerwall installer.
True South Solar is a Tesla Powerwall installer.

For true energy resiliency, you can also add Tesla Powerwall at your home or business. Powerwall gives you peace of mind when the power company wants to shut off power: you will be able to power your life on your own. With more than a decade of experience installing energy storage for clients, we feel that Tesla Powerwall is hands-down the best home energy storage solution on the market.

During the day, your solar panels will power your home and your Tesla Powerwall will recharge. As the sun goes down Powerwall will seamlessly take over and power your life at night. When the grid goes down, your solar panels will work alongside Powerwall to power your appliances-including your well pump and air conditioner.

True South Solar has installed countless Tesla Powerwall units for Southern Oregonians looking for peace of mind. As grid resiliency diminishes, you can take more control of your power and be part of the solution.

The Bottom Line

Let’s be clear: the local power companies Pacific Power and the City of Ashland are our friends and partners. They do an outstanding job consistently delivering power to Southern Oregon homes and businesses. These companies do have external pressures, however, which increase their costs and they are just passing the costs on to consumers. They are also dealing with an increasing number of wildfires each year which impact their ability to deliver power 100% of the time.

True South Solar is committed to helping our power company partners establish local sources of energy which reduce everyone’s reliance on distant sources of power. If you are the type of person who wants to help make Southern Oregon a net producer of energy, please give us a call today. We can assess your home or business for solar and if storage is something you are interested in as well, we can help with that too.