Solar Stories- What is the Solar Coupon?

Start saving today with solar and the “Solar Coupon”.

Hi there, I’m Eric Hansen, owner of True South Solar, and these are our Solar Stories.

Today I’m going to talk to you about the Solar Coupon. Last year the federal government through its Inflation Reduction Act, established a 30% federal tax credit for the next 10 years and this is great it’s making solar more affordable than ever.

But one of the best parts is this solar coupon extends beyond the solar electric system into other forward-thinking technologies and improvements for your home.

Maybe you need a new roof to house the solar electric system. Maybe you want to install an electrical vehicle or battery backup. Well, it’s all included in the Solar Coupon and our energy experts at True South Solar will design a custom solution for you that meets all your needs and gets you your best bang for your buck.

Well folks that’s all the time we have now but we’ll talk to you next time when we cover inverters.
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