Solar Stories- Inverters vs. Microinverters

What are they and why do we care?

Hi there, I’m Eric Hansen owner of True South Solar. And these are “Solar Stories”. Our opportunity to get together and talk about solar plus storage to help you power your home or business sustainably.

And this is a tech talk. Today we’re going to talk about inverters.

What are they? Why do we care?

Well, a solar panel puts out DC electricity and in order to convert that to usable electricity for your home or business, we change it to 120/240 volts through an inverter.

The reason we use a microinverter is, in a residential application, we want every solar panel to put out as much power as it can. Given shading from trees, buildings or other obstacles.

In a commercial installation where we have a larger array, we tend to use a central inverter because it’s a little bit more economical.

And at True South solar, we’re solving for both of those problems for you on the back end when we design your system and propose it to you.