Braden, a materials handler for True South Solar

Meet TSS Team Member Braden

Braden recently joined us as a Materials Handler on the True South Solar crew.

What brought you to TSS and the world of solar?

I plan on getting into electrical work in the future and TSS is a great way to get my foot in the door. I love working for a company who uses high quality equipment and has a strong focus on sustainability. The gorgeous views from the roofs aren’t bad either 😉

What are your favorite things to do in the sun?

My favorite things to do in the sun are backpacking and camping trips and getting out on my motorcycle whenever I can.

What do you most look forward to while working at TSS?

I most look forward to learning more about the installation process and moving up with the company to help provide solar to everyone in southern Oregon.

Is there anything else interesting we should know about you?

I enjoy shooting my 35mm film camera and running (sometimes at the same time). I also just got back from a beautiful backpacking trip through the marble mountains! Hoping to go on a few more if the smoke stays away.