A Solar+Storage Solution in Central Point

True South Solar recently installed a solar+storage solution for a couple in Central Point.

True South Solar is a certified Tesla Powerwall installer

This 7.2kw PV solar electric system was installed on a composition shingle roof. We also installed a Tesla Powerwall+ for electricity backup, in case the power goes out, on the exterior of the house. The couple wants to make sure that they have power in their home, even if the grid goes down in their area.

They qualified for the Energy Trust of Oregon Solar Within Reach Incentive Program and the Oregon Department of Energy’s Low to Moderate Income Incentive Program which saved the retirees more than $15,000. That, coupled with the additional $7,000 Federal Investment Tax Credit, made the project affordable for them.

Here’s what the homeowner had to say about True South Solar’s installation:

A 5-star review of True South Solar

Solar+storage with Tesla Powerall means peace of mind for you and your family. True South Solar has a robust supply of Powerwalls available to install at your home or business.

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