True South Solar installs Maxeon Solar Panels

Maxeon Solar Panels – The Gold Standard for Residential Solar

The solar industry has seen tremendous innovation in recent years, with new technologies and products aimed at making solar panels more efficient, reliable and affordable. One company leading this charge is Maxeon Solar Technologies. Maxeon was spun off from SunPower in 2020 as an independent company, building on over 35 years of solar research and development. Our company has sold Maxeon’s panels under the SunPower brand for more than a decade.

In 2024, True South Solar is offering Maxeon’s newest solar panels to homeowners in our service area. While we stand behind Q Cells panels and install them on most residential jobs, we believe Maxeon offers the best solar panels on the market today for residential installations. The only drawback with Maxeon panels is that they cost about 15% more than other residential solar panels, but if you want the best panel available to place on the roof of your home, this is the one for you.

Advanced Shingled Cell Design

Maxeon solar panels utilize an interdigitated rear contact (IRC) shingled cell design that crams more silicon cells into a given space, increasing panel efficiency. Their latest Generation 5 cells have achieved an incredible 22+% efficiency in third-party testing. This allows Maxeon panels to produce more electricity from sunlight than conventional solar panels.

Superior Reliability

Maxeon panels are optimized to maintain high performance in warm climates like ours. Their proprietary encapsulant and cell technologies minimize efficiency loss from heat and humidity. Rigorously tested for durability, Maxeon panels come with a 25-year performance warranty guaranteeing over 92% production capacity.

Enhanced Aesthetics

With their uniform black surface and low profile, Maxeon panels install flush on your roof with no visible wiring. This sleek, high-tech look is far more attractive than traditional blue panels. For homeowners who care about aesthetics, Maxeon offers the best-looking solar option.

Best-in Class Warranty

The innovative Maxeon panels produce more energy than standard solar panels and offer the industry’s longest warranty—with comprehensive coverage for a full 40 years. This means our customers who choose Maxeon panels can count on a lifetime of satisfaction and savings.

Having installed SunPower systems for more than 10 years, our team at True South Solar is extremely familiar with Maxeon’s technology. We stand behind these panels because of their proven performance, reliability and attractiveness. When you go solar with Maxeon and True South, you get the top-tier equipment backed by our extensive expertise.

For the highest efficiency, best reliability and most advanced solar panels available for homes, Maxeon is the new gold standard. Contact our solar experts at True South today to learn more and get a quote with Maxeon panels.