Michael Stringer

Meet Our Team: Michael Stringer

Michael Stringer joined our team as Sales and Marketing Manager in August 2022. Michael works with our Solar Advisors to help more homeowners achieve their dream of going solar. He also guides our marketing efforts so that folks in our area can learn about the great advantages of generating their own power.

Why Solar?

I first subscribed to Home Power Magazine about 20 years ago. I was immediately smitten by the idea of solar power. I read endlessly about grid-tied power systems, net-metering, and more. In my previous job, my company hired True South to install a solar power plant on the roof and it offsets about 12% of their power needs each year. As a long-time advocate for sustainability, I’ve always supported local efforts to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. What could be more local than the roof over our head?

What part of the job are you most looking forward to?

I think that Southern Oregon can become a global leader in sustainability. I would like to see a doubling of the solar generating capacity in this area in the next few years. This, alongside the rapid adoption of electric vehicles, will help ensure that our country can meet aggressive greenhouse gas reduction targets.

I wanted to work for True South Solar because I want to be a part of the solution. I’ve spent more than 2 decades working in the nonprofit world, helping provide solutions for various environmental problems, but to me, the biggest environmental challenge facing us today is the warming climate. Over 15 years living in the Rogue Valley, I’ve seen massive growth in catastrophic mega-fires in our area and around the world. My personal motto is to inspire change for good and I think we can all be a part of the solution.

What Do You Do For Fun?

My most recent fun memory is of backpacking with my wife Kathryn and dog Rosebud in California’s Trinity Alps. We spent the weekend hiking from one alpine lake to another through fields full of wildflowers, with splendid 360-degree views of the surrounding wilderness. We enjoyed beautiful blue skies in the sunshine all weekend. We laughed on our hike out when we finally saw a tiny little cloud on the horizon! (Michael shared a photo of the trip with us and is shown above).