Hanwha And REC Silicon Announce 10-Year Partnership

Hanwha Q-Cell Installation By True South Solar

Last month, the Korean-based company Hanwha and the US’s largest crystaline silicon solar panel assembler announced that they would be opening another solar plant. They will be making both the solar panels and their components right here in the USA. This is big news!

Qcells, which has its headquarters in Seoul, said it was making the investment to take advantage of tax credits and other benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act. The manufacturing facility is expected to create 2,500 jobs in Cartersville, Ga., about 50 miles northwest of Atlanta. Production is expected to start in 2024. Currently, they produce about 12,000 panels a day. With its new facility, the company will increase its capacity to 60,000 panels a day.

In early February, REC Silicon, a leading producer of advanced silicon materials, delivering high-purity polysilicon and silicon gas to the solar and electronics industries worldwide, announced that 100% of its polysilicon product at its Moses Lake, Washington factory will go to Hanwha Solutions for the next 10 years!

REC Silicon’s polysilicon factory in Washington has been dormant since being priced out by the Chinese market. Last year, Hanwha Solutions became the largest investor in REC Silicon, and its solar panel manufacturing subsidiary Qcells announced it will establish silicon ingot, wafer, and cell manufacturing within the United States. Now with a dedicated customer for its polysilicon, REC Silicon can restart production at Moses Lake.

True South Solar is proud to offer its customers Qcells panels. They provide an excellent choice for your home solar array. The panels are designed to very high standards and high efficiency. They come with a 25-year energy production warranty and are engineered to last up to 40 years. The all-black faced panels offer a cleaner look than older panels and the efficiency rating is one of the best on the market.