A Map of Our Completed Jobs

Since 2010, True South Solar has completed more than 1,100 solar panel installations – exclusively in Southern Oregon. As you can see on this interactive map, many of these installations were made in your neighborhood or town.

Why do we only work in Southern Oregon?

We choose to work only in Southern Oregon because this is our home. We care deeply about our friends and neighbors, not exponential growth or profits. When problems arise, we are here for you. Our dedicated service department is right here and available to help.

Why Should You Choose a Local Solar Installer?

  1. Support for local businesses: Choosing a local solar installer supports our local economy and helps to create jobs in the Southern Oregon community.
  2. Knowledge of local regulations and incentives: Local solar installers are likely to be familiar with the specific regulations and incentives that apply to our area, which can make the process of going solar smoother and more cost-effective.
  3. Convenience: Working with a local solar installer can be more convenient: we are located nearby and can provide in-person consultations and support.
  4. Reputation: Choosing a local solar installer can also give you the opportunity to research our reputation within the community and get recommendations from neighbors and friends.
  5. Responsiveness: Local solar installers are more responsive to your needs. We have a vested interest in maintaining a good reputation in the community.