Verde Village: The New Home for Solar

True South Solar Installations Create Zero Energy Homes in Southern Oregon

True South Solar has installed solar on 16 buildings in Verde Village, a planned community of homes in Ashland, Oregon that are built with solar in mind. Verde Village is Oregon’s first zero energy ready community and is a certified platinum building community by Earth Advantage. As such, these homes are specifically designed to be highly energy efficient and make going solar easy. 

All the homes are certified through Earth Advantage, a third-party nonprofit organization that certifies green buildings throughout the Pacific Northwest. Built by KDA Homes and Suncrest Homes, Verde Village homes are designed to be able to generate more energy than is needed by the homeowners. This creates a credit on their utility bill, which offsets costs in the winter when solar production decreases. The ability to offset utility costs is unique to Ashland, as it manages its own public utility, while the rest of the Rogue Valley is served by Pacific Power. 

Verde Village homes are a slam dunk for solar power, as each rooftop meets the best roof orientation, pitch, and area for solar, as well as being prewired for easy installation. These factors combine to get the most power out of each system with quicker installation times. In addition to energy efficiency, the platinum certification from Earth Advantage means that each home has the highest marks in indoor air quality, resource efficiency, environmental responsibility, and water conservation. 

With all the great reasons for these homes to go solar, doing so is made even easier with a cash incentive of up to $7,500 from the city of Ashland, and a federal tax credit of 30% for 2019. 

True South Solar is proud to help empower the first zero energy community for Oregon! Want to see how far solar can take you? Contact us today for a free consultation.