True South Solar @ Mt. Ashland

True South Solar installed a 27.8 kW array of solar panels on Mt. AshlandMt. Ashland now has 85 panels on the ski area vehicle shop roof, which offsets 15% of energy use at the ski area! The project is being supported in part by Pacific Power’s Blue Sky Program customers, the Energy Trust of Oregon, and True South Solar.

Today we begin installing a 28 KW solar electric system on the vehicle building that will offset 15% of the mountain’s power usage, permanently lowering their electricity bill and also offset tons and tons of CO2. I’m so proud our community is investing in solar on Mt. A. Thank you Ashland!” – Eric Hansen, General Manager

Mt. Ashland is making a major investment in their future, their portion of the project is almost $25,000. We hope that supporters will join us with a generous donation to help with this important environmental and cost-saving initiative. Together, we can ensure skiing and riding for our children and our children’s children.

Please support the project and join us in investing in clean, renewable solar energy. Over the life of the system the environmental attributes are equivalent to:

  • Planting 18,850 trees,
  • Driving reduced by 1,618,000 auto miles, or 82,518 gallons of gasoline
  • Displacing CO2 emissions for the annual electric use of 92 homes, or 788,307 pounds (394.2 tons) of coal burned!