Month: July 2019

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Standy Lempka: Meet Our Team

Q: What is your role on the True South Solar team?

I’m currently a licensed LRT (Limited Renewables Technician) Apprentice and take classes at Clackamas Community College to learn the trade. I am an installer and the lead for job site safety which is an important role on the crew. I started in July of 2017.

Solar Incentives in Southern Oregon

There are many great reasons for installing solar on your home or business, and luckily there are a number of ways you can cut the costs of installation. True South Solar is a strong advocate for policy that makes solar energy more accessible for everyone! Give us a call to see how much you can save on your solar installation.

Locals Guide 2019

True South Solar, like the rest of the solar industry, has been moving forward, growing and progressing. We’re installing super-efficient systems, breaking records, working on storage solutions, hiring new folks, and as always, supporting our wonderful community through outreach and sponsorships.