Not All Solar Panels Are Created Equal- Don’t Compromise on Quality

Are you considering going Solar? If you are, there are some key things to consider. Did you know that not all solar panels are created equal? That’s right- there are many brands of solar panels out there. True South Solar is an elite dealer of SunPower solar panels. Eric, the owner of True South switched to SunPower panels in 2014 because, “we wanted to use the best equipment available. We were approached by SunPower because they liked our company and it just made sense to install the most efficient, best product available. As the years have gone by, it solidifies why we use SunPower”. But you don’t have to take our word for it. A recent article on Energy Sage reviewed SunPower panels and notes that it continues to manufacture the highest efficiency (powerfull) panels on the market today and include an industry leading warranty. What makes SunPower a better choice?

Efficiency of Solar Panels

When Bell Labs unveiled the world’s first silicon solar cell in 1954, it was estimated that the company’s new invention could turn only 6 percent of the sun’s energy into electricity — a concept commonly referred to as efficiency. Today, SunPower produces a panel that is 22% efficient. Other panels on the market only average between 14-18%. What does this mean for you? The more efficient a panel is, the less of them you will require. This can be a cost savings in the long run. Also, if you have limited space for panels, or are planning on adding additional panels in the future or are wanting a more streamlined aesthetic, then having less panels at a higher efficiency is ideal. If you are shopping around, make sure to ask what type of panels are being used by that particular business.


Sunpower Solar Panels come with a 25-year warranty. This covers the panels, micro-inverters, racking, power production and labor. Everything can be serviced by the elite Sunpower Dealer, True South Solar that originally installed your system. Sunpower solar panels are also built to last up to 40 years. Many other systems only come with a limited warranty or 10-year warranty.


Do SunPower panels cost more? The short answer is yes. Upfront the cost of the panel costs more because it is higher quality. But, the cost over time is recouped due to the panels being a higher efficiency, and you may need less of them because of that. EnergySage reviewed quotes offered on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace that included SunPower solar panels and found that these systems were priced between $2.97/Watt and $3.67/Watt. By comparison, the average price on the Marketplace during the same time period was $2.91/W – SunPower systems were pricier, but not by much. With current incentives and tax credits and options for financing available, this makes solar more affordable now more than ever.

Location of Company

SunPower is based in the US, with headquarters in Silicon Valley. It is a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: SPWR). Many other solar panels are made overseas in China.


A SunPower System differs from a conventional system in that all of the parts including the app, rails, etc are SunPower brand, as opposed to different brands of technology trying to work together. Other installers may use different brands for different parts of their systems, which can mean different warranties for all of those different parts.


Is your local solar company really local???? True South Solar is Southern Oregons only certified SunPower dealer. All of our work from start to finish is done in house or with a local area company. Other companies may claim to be local but have their main branch located out of state as well as outsource some of the work to a non local company.

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