Rebuilding Smarter after the Almeda Fire

As our community begins to rebuild, members have reached out to us for advice on how to rebuild stronger, with sustainability at the forefront.  As there are many ways to create sustainable buildings, solar is what we know, and we are happy to share what we know with anyone interested.  We will provide free solar design consultations for any homeowner looking to rebuild with solar.  Here are a few tips…

1) A roof that faces true south will get the most sun exposure.

2) Limit vents on the side of the roof you intend for solar. Venting limits the space where solar panels could fit. 


3)  Shading from tress is the biggest limiting factor for solar.  Plant large trees to the north of the house.


4)  Standing seam metal roofs are the best roofing material for solar, although we can attach solar to any roof surface.

Here are other resources to check out-

City of Talent Website has a list of resources and information

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