SunPower Advantage

From the moment it's switched on, a SunPower system generates more energy than conventional panels, and keeps providing value when other brands fade. Our panels are backed by the best 25-year Power and Product Warranty anywhere. And our custom financing options let you choose a plan that works perfectly for your home or business.
SunPower Helix

The Helix™ platform is the world’s first fully integrated solar solution designed specifically for commercial customers. It optimizes value by combining fully engineered solar energy solutions with sophisticated energy intelligence capabilities. Standardized Helix components feature an innovative modular design that is adaptable to the available space – rooftop, parking lot or ground – to best meet a customer’s energy goals.
SunPower Equinox

The SunPower Equinox platform is a testament to our design philosophy — when technology is designed to work together, it works better. No other system is designed and engineered by one company. From solar cell to software, SunPower Equinox systems generate more power, are more reliable and look better than conventional home solar power systems.

The SonnenBatterie Eco is an energy storage solution that utilizes intelligent software to manage energy throughout the day - providing backup power and enabling you to use solar when the grid is down.