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The Summer Solar Loan has a 14 year term with a fixed rate the first 7 years and a one-time rate and payment adjustment at the beginning of the 8th year. Rates on this program now start as low as 4.740% for borrowers who set up an automatic monthly loan payment. There is a cap of 2.50% in place to control the rate adjustment.

Summer Solar Loan

The Summer Solar Loan is specially designed so borrowers “don’t pay until next summer.” The first payment is due June 15th of the year AFTER the installation, and is equal to 15% of the loan amount. That is plenty of time for most borrowers to file their taxes and take advantage of the 30% federal solar tax credit.

  • Fast easy application options
  • 100% financing available, including installation costs
  • Instant approvals available up to $30K
  • Max loan amounts up to $100k
  • Interest rates as low as 4.74%
  • Deferred payment option up to 18 months for 700+ credit scores
  • 14 year term, with one possible rate increase at year 8
  • No penalty for early repayment
Applying for a loan with Generations is easy:

Loan decisions are made and communicated quickly.

Phone: 360-357-5660 Option 2 or 253-328-5080 Option 2

Online: (Click Summer Solar Loans)

Email: to request an application.

Text: SOLAR to 360-357-5660

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