Beth Nolan: Meet Our Team

Q: What is your role on the True South Solar team?

I’m the Office Manager at True South Solar. My scope is to oversee the daily operations, monitor inventory, and procurement of our solar equipment. I track all accounts receivables and accounts payables and oversee each project to make sure they’re moving through the pipeline in a timely manner.

Q: What’s your favorite part of the job?

I get to work with awesome people. We have a lot of fun while helping to create a more sustainable Southern Oregon and being part of the larger solution.

Q: What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned since joining the team?

The people in the solar industry work hard and play hard! We’re passionate about all we do, and we have a great time doing it. The solar industry continues to evolve and those in solar right now are able to change the trajectory of where we get our energy at the city and state levels.

Q: When did you first start thinking about solar?

I’ve been thinking about solar over the past decade because of my involvement in a variety of environmental issues. One example, opposing the LNG pipeline in Oregon has been very important to me. We need to transition from fossil fuels to clean energy; solar is really our best local solution.

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do in the sun?

My favorite thing to do is spend time with my friends surfing at the coast and running in the Ashland watershed.

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