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December 2020 Newsletter

Solar Under A New Administration No matter your political viewpoint, policy is a large part of solar in our country. Rebates, incentives, and net metering can all be affected by changing policy. Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) is the national trade association for the U.S. solar industry. They embody the innovation and entrepreneurship that define…

Not All Solar Panels Are Created Equal- Don’t Compromise on Quality

Are you considering going Solar? If you are, there are some key things to consider. Did you know that not all solar panels are created equal? That’s right- there are many brands of solar panels out there. True South Solar is an elite dealer of SunPower solar panels. Eric, the owner of True South switched to SunPower panels in 2014…

Locals Guide 2019

True South Solar, like the rest of the solar industry, has been moving forward, growing and progressing. We’re installing super-efficient systems, breaking records, working on storage solutions, hiring new folks, and as always, supporting our wonderful community through outreach and sponsorships.

Rogue Creamery Goes Solar

Rogue Creamery has been dedicated to sustainability in its cheesemaking, fully participating in the 3 R’s: reducing waste, reusing whey, and using recycled content in packaging. Turning on the power for our solar panels gave Cary and me such great joy,” notes David Gremmels. “Knowing we are helping the environment by watching the energy consumption move backwards is too impressive for words. Bring on the sun!”