Solar Incentives in Southern Oregon

Residential and Commercial Incentives for Going Solar

There are many great reasons for installing solar on your home or business, and luckily there are a number of ways you can cut the costs of installation. True South Solar is a strong advocate for policy that makes solar energy more accessible for everyone! Give us a call to see how much you can save on your solar installation. 

Eric Hansen & Shawn Schreiner in Salem, OR at Oregon Solar Lobby Day with Oregon Solar Energy Industry Association (OSEIA) in 2017.

Eric Hansen & Shawn Schreiner in Salem, OR at Oregon Solar Lobby Day with Oregon Solar Energy Industry Association (OSEIA) in 2017.

For Pacific Power customers, the Energy Trust of Oregon offers a cash incentive of $0.40 per watt for all installation types, to a maximum of $3,200 per site. To qualify for this incentive, the system must be owned by the homeowner, must be located in Oregon, and must be installed by an approved Energy Trust contractor, such as True South Solar. 

The City of Ashland currently offers a cash incentive of $0.50 per watt for residential installations, or $0.75 per watt for commercial installations. Each type of installation is eligible for up to $7,500 per site. To qualify, the system simply needs to be owned by the building owner or tenant, feed into the building with an attached net meter, have sufficient solar solar access per the Oregon Department of Energy, and comply with city permitting requirements. In addition, any excess credits will be purchased by the city after December of each year. 

In addition to these cash incentives, a federal tax credit of up to 30% of system costs can be claimed the year of installation, but that drops to 26% in 2020 or 22% in 2022. Unlike the incentives, there is no cap on the total costs for the project, which means larger residential or commercial systems truly benefit from the credit. In addition, the only qualification for the tax credit is that you own the system, rather than have it under a lease or power purchase agreement. Due to the decreasing tax credits in the coming years, it’s more important than ever to make the switch to solar energy.

While these are the most common incentives available in Southern Oregon, a number of other options are available to make your solar system a reality. For commercial installations, the Oregon Department of Energy offers competitive grants, and the USDA Rural Energy for America Program awards loans and grants. Taxpayers may also qualify for the Alternative Minimum Tax and be able to put the current federal tax credit against that, due to the Energy Improvement and Extension Act of 2008.

*Please note that cash incentives and tax credits are always subject to change. Contact us for the most up to date information today.