OSEIA: Crafting Solar Policy in Oregon

The Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association (OSEIA) is a trade association founded in 1981 to promote clean, renewable, solar technologies. OSEIA works with industry leaders, academic scholars, legislators, government, and nonprofit agencies to advocate for solar technologies and raise awareness of its potential to help secure an affordable, reliable, and clean energy future. Our own Eric Hansen, General Manager of True South Solar, currently serves as an OSEIA board member. OSEIA has observed tremendous growth in the solar industry and is ready to contribute to further expansion by hiring a full time Executive Director.

Join True South Solar in welcoming Jeff Bissonnette to promote a solar energy future that will restore Oregon's standing as a leader in the country. Through his time with Citizens' Utility Board, he has worked extensively with the energy policy landscape of Oregon. Jeff is well seasoned in the trenches of the Public Utility Commission and in the halls of the Capital; he is ready to hit the ground running for Oregon's bright solar future.

“Jeff’s entrepreneurial spirit and understanding of what solar businesses need to grow will bring a wide range of stakeholders together to contribute greatly to the industry as a whole.” said Paul Israel, OSEIA board president.

OSEIA has also started a political action committee to increase our voice and influence with our decision makers in Salem. In July, Oregon SolarPAC had its first 2016 election success: Oregon Governor Kate Brown made a campaign stop at a clean energy fundraiser, and Oregon SolarPAC was there in force representing at least a third of attendees in a packed room.

The best part is each of them got the Governor’s ear for at least a few minutes to speak to her about their businesses and issues affecting solar. That successful event was only the first of many opportunities Oregon SolarPAC will create for the solar industry to speak directly with policymakers as part of OSEIA’s new strategy of engaging in election year politics.

PolicyShaun Franks