Dealerships Drive Sustainable Savings with Solar

In Southern Oregon, summer isn’t just one season long. Temperatures often stay north of 90 degrees for months on end—and powering a well-lit, air-conditioned automobile dealership can consume a large portion of a company’s operating budget.

The Luther Automotive Group, with more than 3,000 employees, chose to go solar with SunPower at a third of its auto dealerships to help reduce its high utility costs.


18% more energy consumed by auto dealerships than a typical office building

$2B in energy costs faced by the auto dealership industry annually


Covert Auto: Solar offsets 53% of this Texas dealer’s energy costs, and should pay for itself in about four years.  

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Covert Auto self-financed the installations, preferring to avoid debt, and further offset costs with the 30 percent Federal Investment Tax Credit and a utility rebate of 20 percent of the total system cost. The combined system is expected to pay for itself in two years, and generate more than $500,000 in savings over the system’s life

Electricity represents a large monthly expense for us and solar helps reduce that expense exponentially.
— Dan Covert, Sales Manager, Covert Ford-Hutto

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