Grimes Barlow Family’s 10.14 kW System

Tiffany and Dade’s new solar electric system falls in line with their values and lifestyle. Their family already grows some food, and lives in an all electric home; now they make most of their own electricity. The 10 KW Sunpower system fits like a glove on their South facing roof and will off set about 80% of their electricity. Solar’s been a dream of theirs for a long time and the perfect storm of lower prices and generous tax credits and incentives helped make it come true. We’re honored and grateful to work for such awesome clients and we congratulate them on their energy independence! Thanks from all of us here at True South Solar!

Name: Grimes Barlow Family
System Size: 10.14 KW
Panel: Sunpower 327
Inverter: Two SMA5000 with Secure Power Supplies
Annual Production: 13,929 KWH