Month: June 2015

Steve Smith’s 4.6kW System

Steve Smith’s 4.6kW system is generating credits over their summer consumption, and has accounted for roughly a third or more of their winter usage. Overall the system provides ½ of the power. Motivation to go solar was based on the purchase of their house that is all electric, with no natural gas, so they wanted to help offset the electrical costs with an environmentally sustainable resource and solar fit the bill.

How Much Does Solar Increase the Value of my Home?

I bet you don’t know that there is a home improvement investment that you can make that will increase the value of your house more than the investment cost. It’s not remodeling your bathroom (2 percent return). It’s not landscaping with a designer (break even). It’s not remodeling your kitchen (2 percent loss). It’s rooftop solar (43 percent return). Surprise!