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Residential Incentives

Oregon's renewable energy tax credits and cash incentives are among the best in the U.S. When you couple these financial benefits with Southern Oregon's exceptional solar resource, installing a solar-electric system is a slam dunk. Do you want to zero out your electric bill? Get a detailed analysis of available residential tax credits, incentives and cash-flow examples. 

Cash Incentives

Pacific Power

Pacific Power customers are eligible for cash incentives from the Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO). ETO incentives are based on system size:

• $0.50/watt; incentive capped at $4,000

ETO incentives are subtracted directly from the client’s gross system cost and paid directly to the ETO Trade Ally contractor.

City of Ashland

City of Ashland customers are eligible for cash incentives based on system size:

• $0.50/watt; capped at $7,500

City of Ashland incentives are paid directly to the customer.

Income Tax Credits


For residential systems, the Oregon Residential Energy Tax Credit (RETC) is:

• $1.30/watt, up to $6,000 per solar-electric system per home per year

A maximum of $1,500 of tax credit can be claimed per year ($1,500/year for four years).

If you cannot maximize the yearly credit of $1,500, excess credit may be carried forward five years following the first tax year for which any credit was allowed. (This must be taken over no more than 6 years altogether.)

True South Solar is an Oregon Department of Energy Tax Credit Certified company. We complete all of the paperwork for the RETC and certify it.


Federal Income Tax Credit: 30% of the system costs can be claimed as a one time tax credit for the year the system is installed.

***The federal 30% income tax credit applies to Energy Storage Systems (battery backup) as well***

*All incentives and tax credits are subject to change.

Tax credits reduce the amount of tax owed, dollar for dollar.

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